Where Old Meets New: Contemporary Spanish Design


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Whether you’re looking to embrace warmer seasons, or trying to warm-up colder climates, Contemporary Spanish Interior Design is a lovely choice for any home year-round. Otherwise referred to as “Spanish Modern,” this popular aesthetic is really a contemporary take on the 1990’s and early 2000’s “California Tuscan.”

Some hallmarks of California Tuscan – including aged finishes, iron work, and intricate patterns – can also be utilized in Spanish Modern, albeit with cleaner, more contemporary lines. Both implement architecture which begins with travertine or terracotta tiles, travels up textured or plaster walls, and finishes with wood-beamed ceilings.  

The main difference is that Tuscan style is focused solely on influences from Italy, while Spanish design incorporates elements from other cultures, including French, Moroccan, Turkish and Grecian influences. Perhaps that’s why we enjoy Spanish Modern so much – it blends old and new styles in a way that allows for ample creativity: brighter materials, less gloss, and earthy textures.

The use of iron is also incredibly popular in Spanish Modern. From chandeliers to candelabras, iron is frequently a feature in traditional, as well as contemporary, Spanish design. Earthy tones are of the essence, such as warmer shades of brown – but if you want something a shade cooler, then white is the go-to alternative to keep things light and airy and really let the architecture shine through.


Of course, our favorite aspect of Spanish Modern is the furniture. When choosing what types of pieces best update your interior design, emphasize the clean lines and natural elegance of comfortable upholstered chairs (such as our J76 Lounge Chair and J1 Swivel Lounge Chair), unique side tables (such as our J11 Branches Table and J75 Resin Side Table) and coffee tables (such as our rustic J16A) to accentuate this natural look.

Dark-colored wood also complements any wooden beams, archways and other wood paneling that are commonly used with this type of design – so we think our J12 Straw Cabinet fits in rather nicely.

Of course, Spanish Modern isn’t contained to interiors. Enjoying a luxurious outdoor space is part and parcel to this aesthetic. After all, Spanish Modern is as much a lifestyle as it is a sensibility. To extend this motif to your garden, try our Outdoor Collection on for size: such as our J40 Sofa, J46 Chair, J49 Coffee Table, and J50 Side Table – everything you need to take the tapas outside!

The beauty of Spanish Modern is that it combines the best of both worlds – traditional and contemporary. With such a rich past and promising future, the versatility and adaptability of Spanish Modern means it is here to stay. Time to pour some Sangria and get creative!



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